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This is an important post, so I want to separate it into three parts: What, Why, and You.

And right at the start, I want to let you in on a secret. [click to continue…]

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30 day social media challenge

You can call this a 30 day challenge.

You can call this a break.

You can call it a detox. In fact, that’s what I’m calling it.

My internet friend Jason Zook has done it and written about it as well. [click to continue…]

5 characteristics of good business coaches
This article was written ages ago, during a time in which I felt really disenfranchised with ‘coaching’ online business.

I let it sit. Let it simmer. And feel that now’s the time to publish it.

It might seem a bit odd to have written an article about coaching, especially as I had just made the decision to wind down my own coaching work. (I’ve since changed my mind).

But I feel like it’s appropriate because it’s been almost exactly one year since I hired my last (ever) business coach. More on that in a moment.

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Dear Entrepreneur Dad,

Stop being scared of Snapchat.

Just because your kids were on it a year ago, doesn’t mean it’s for kids.

Look at what Facebook has become in the wake of it being for college ‘kids,’ [click to continue…]


essential fitness tips for entrepreneur dads

In my 2015 Annual Review, I lamented the fact that I had let me health slip a bit in the last year.

Okay, so I let is totally backslide.

I’m a mess.

So looking forward to 2016, I made a commitment to myself to change that.

In just a few days of being strict with my eating, training, and mobility work, I felt a huge difference in my mental acuity. I was working smarter and making much better decisions. [click to continue…]


business productivity and life hack that nobody talks about

Most guys won’t want to read this article.

This isn’t going to make it on the front page of Reddit or Medium.

Most guys want to read articles about how, with zero fans and no email list, you can launch a six-figure webinar and then automate that to live the four hour work week. Even though those articles are just generic platitudes and a product pitch at the end.

But not you.  You want to know what the greatest business, productivity and life hack ever is because you know what I write is worth your time.

The secret is that you already know what I’m about to tell you.

Here’s what I mean… [click to continue…]


hustle and heart 2015 annual review looking forward to 2016

The Annual review continues, and unlike the previous post which was all about the past year (2015), this post is focused entirely on the future (2016). [click to continue…]


hustle and heart 2015 annual review

There’s a first time for everything and this year, it’s an annual review.

Unlike Chris Guillebeau, who conceived the idea that spawned this post, i don’t have a week to lock myself in a cabin and reflect on the past year.

I’m just not there, yet.  There’s a good chance that, as an entrepreneur dad, you aren’t either.

However, between the hours of 3 and 5am on a few weekdays during my winter break, I cut off all work on Ok! Kimonos, my Brazilian jiu jitsu company, my podcast, this blog, and even my coaching work, to dedicate it to reflecting on 2015 and planning 2016.

Before we start, I want to give a massive thanks to the team at Fizzle for producing this podcast that reminded me to check out Chris’s annual review process.

And so we begin the 2015 annual review… [click to continue…]


hustle and heart one word

Update: This post has been published on my podcast!

Click below to listen:

I want to feature YOU!

In an upcoming episode of the Entrepreneurs and Coffee podcast, I’m going to feature YOU.  Read below to find out how…

[click to continue…]


how i make extremely scary decisions

It Started With a Motto

For a long time I’ve tried to live the motto: Memento Mori.

It’s like the grim cousin of Carpe Diem.

And the older brother that went to college and has his life together of #YOLO. [click to continue…]