Being an entrepreneur is hard enough as it is.

Doing it with a wife and kids can make make it nearly impossible.

Stop regretting the time you spend away from your family.

Finally, a blueprint to finding more time to work so you can start supporting your family doing work that matters!

Changing how you work and doing work that matters
will take more than just a course.  

Here's what you get inside Hustle&Heart's Productivity Fundamentals:


Lesson 1:
The Real Problem with Productivity

  • In the first lesson, we'll build a strong foundation on why a lack of 'Hustle' isn't the real problem
  • Time management issues I faced with my business and family (and how I solved them)
  • The exact moment I found clarity and began learning about time management and productivity
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Lesson 2:
Conquering Your Day

  • In our second lesson, I'll give you a roadmap for finding more time to work on your business every single day
  • 13 action-oriented ways to add ten hours per week to work on your business
  • “I realized that I had a decision to make: I could either spend less time with my children so I can work on my business, or I could learn to work smarter and become incredibly efficient with the time I did have to work.” - Pat Flynn, Entrepreneur Dad
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Lesson 3:
Productivity Pro Training

  • In our third lesson, I reveal the blueprint for the most difficult part of time management and productivity: choosing what you will (and won't) work on
  • You have the same 24 hours in your day as the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.  Thus, efforts to get more time have diminishing returns over time.
  • My top tactics and strategies for using your time better
  • "Productivity is 10% how to work and 90% what to work on" - Chase Reeves, Entrepreneur Dad
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Lesson 4:
Time Management Hacks

  • In our final lesson (not including bonus lessons listed below), I'll walk you through the MOST important productivity tips I've personally implemented and tested.
  • Access to the 7-Day Productivity Challenge (you'll love this)
  • Top tactics and strategies from other entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, and more.
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  • I firmly believe that we're a mix of nature and nurture and I was born to be an entrepreneur.
  • At an early age, I was nurtured out of it and it wasn't until I had a wife and son that I realized why I was so unhappy at my job.
  • I started to build a business on the side and found myself living in a lot more congruence with my nature. My side business has already replaced my primary income.
  • If you want to hit the Fast Forward button on your business and learn EVERYTHING about how to get more done than ever before, become a member below.
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Normally $197 - One payment of $127
Or start for $34 today!



How is the content delivered? All video lessons will be delivered via course website.  Worksheets will be available to download on the course website as well.

Who is this course for? Entrepreneur Dads who believe that having 10+ extra hours per week to work on their business will be life-changing for them and their familes.

Who is this course NOT for? People who are looking for a magic bullet and think if they buy it, they won't have to continue working incredibly hard. This course is also not for children, ninjas, pirates, and, as Paul Jarvis would say, people who think Harry Potter is better than Lord of the Rings.

How long is each lesson? The content in this course isn't long.  And I'm not going to try to impress you with some ridiculous number (10+ hours of video training? What entrepreneur dad has time to watch all that?).  The course material, including worksheets, tops out at about 2 hours for the entire course.  This means you can get started implementing what you've learned faster than the Milleneum Falcon doing a Kessel Run.

Is there 1-on-1 coaching? Yes, the 1-on-1 Coaching for the first 10 customers is done over Skype and scheduled via Calendly at your convenience.

PLUS if you buy before the October 16th deadline, I’ll throw in the following bonuses and resources for FREE so you save even more time.

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Fast Action Bonus: Mastermind Call


A 60-minute mastermind call with me to ask me anything you want about my business, your business, or (honestly) anything you want.  We'll dig deep and create a strategy that will ensure your success.

$249 Bonus

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My Personal Time Management System

I'll give you an over-my-shoulder at what it takes to run a successful online business, rock it for your family, and work full-time.

$97 Bonus

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Lifetime Updates

This course will be yours forever.  Every update I make to it will be yours, free of charge.

(I've added two bonus modules already!)

$97 Bonus

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24-hour Priority E-mail Access

As a member of Productivity Fundamentals, you'll get priority email access 24 hours per day.  These emails are given priority in my inbox and I will reply to them first, before any others.

$97 Bonus

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Online Community

You'll join a Facebook community of like-minded entrepreneur dads to create connections and get feedback.

$47 Bonus


"I was going through a brief period of depression, lost and aimless. Brendan invested in me by not just helping me get a project started, but by turning my life around.
He'd set up weekly calls with me to check in on my progress not only with work but with life. He takes a real investment in you as a person. To Brendan you're a real person with dreams, goals, and ambitions just like him.
And through his expertise, his knowledge, and life experience, he will help you get started in the right path. All you need to do is get up, take action, and listen to the man."


Normally $197 - One payment of $127
Or get started for just $34 today!