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Dads! What do you want to know about creating a profitable online business?

brendan huffordAlright, alright!

You talked me into it.

I’d say that about 949036607551 times per week (roughly, haha), I get asked about how I run an online business, work full time, and still rock it as a dad and husband. Some are more focused on  family, and others on business. Example FAQs:

-How did you get started online?

-How do I find more time?

-How do I get my family’s support?

-How do you make money online?

-How do you blog, podcast, etc (all the technical stuff)

And the list goes on and on.

And I freaking love this stuff because the answers to this is how I’ve built my side business and allowed my wife to quit her job, and I’d love to see you guys do the same with your business and family.

I want to answer YOUR questions, but instead of just answering them on Twitter, Facebook and in email, I want to answer them where everybody can learn and get value.

To make this as awesome as humanly possible, I’d love to hear what YOUR burning questions are via the form below so I can make sure they’re answered.

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Get the Entrepreneur Dad Manifesto!

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