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How I’m Improving my Email Autoresponder

case study email autoresponder

Not too long ago, on my podcast, I received a listener question from Trevor, who asked about how he could improve his email autoresponder.  He was already making a fair amount of money from his email list and that traffic and profit came primarily from his autoresponder.

Just to reiterate, Trevor’s email autoresponder series goes 28 days and his list gets his first offer on day 13 or so.  He emails them every 3 days so the offer comes, I expect, on the 4th email and there’s about 9 emails there in total.

My first comment to Trevor was simply, “Congratulations on the autoresponder series doing enough to pay the bills!  Sooo many people have to do launches and hype and whatnot to get sales so the fact that you can somewhat passively.”

Here’s my first thought: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it’s paying the bills, then we’re talking about trying to push it beyond adequate and really drill down into it.

So first we’ll go over some thoughts on Trevor’s site and autoresponder, then I’ll give you what I do now and then finally what I’m doing right now to improve my own autoresponder and I think in there, you’ll get some great tips on improve your own series.

Thoughts on Trevor’s Website

As far as Trevor’s site, goes, it’s great.

It’s a very clean stacked theme, the offer is very clear, and they opt in, get the videos every 3 days.  This is great because if you’re providing value or advice, you want to give them time to implement it.

Overwhelming people with information is a great way to keep them from taking action.  And if they don’t take action and see results, they likely won’t pay for your product or upsell.

4 ways to raise the income of your email list: sell more products, sell more expensive products, get more people on it, or increase the conversion rate.

To get more people on the list, it might be cool to test out a bottom closer to the top.  Maybe right next to the login button on the upper right, just a bright orange ‘Sign Up’ button could convert really well.

What My Autoresponder is Now

Currently, my email autoresponder for my Jiu Jitsu gi company is 3 emails in a row of content, then an engagement email, then another 3, and then more engagement. It’s very similar to what I learned from Pat Flynn here.

And I just keep adding to it as I see what posts on our blog are most helpful.

I never ever used the email as a point of sale and that was done on purpose. I just felt like an email list should be there to build your brand, get your message out, and build followers.

My goal with an email list is to build a relationship.  This is cool because I’m already building a VERY immediate and intimate relationship with my podcast and even more so now with this blog’s free online community.

And while that’s a great tactic, I still think I can improve on it tremendously.

How I’m Improving my Own Email Autoresponder

I’m emailing my list to see what they’re struggling with.  I don’t have a course yet and I don’t sell anything so I want to see what my list might be willing to buy.

Since Trevor already has a list, this is even easier.  Just email your list to see why they aren’t buying things.

Finally, Trevor also mentioned that his friend told him 9 emails are too many.

And I couldn’t disagree more with that. 9 emails is not a ton.

If they’re going out automatically every day for a month (30 daily emails in a row), that might be a lot, but since you’re sending them out every 3 days (and hopefully engaging with them therein), you’re building a solid relationship and that’s really key.

I would considering stretching it out to as many emails as you can.  I love what fellow Entrepreneur Dad Steve Chou said not too long ago on the SPI Podcast.

The decision to buy has 80% to do with them and only 20% to do with you.

I’m sure you’ve gotten messages that say ‘hey I’ve been following your tutorials for 6 months or blah blah. I just signed up today’

And you’re like, what the heck did I just do today that made you want to sign up? You see, when you build that relationship it simply becomes a matter of when they’ll buy, not if.  And when, honestly, is completely up to them.

Waiting so long to mention your product may not really be necessary.  You don’t have to insert a hard sell email into the autoresponder, but a simple “PS – I have this awesome thing you should check out” somewhere in the first few emails can really be valuable for people who would be willing to pay a bit quicker than others.

Autoresponder Best Practices

  1. Extending your email autoresponder can only help. It certainly can’t hurt.  People who buy by day 28 will still do so and you’ll start to capture anybody who is still holding out past then.
  2. Sprinkle in a few offers beforehand using a PS in the email or linking out to a video that has a small mention below it like “Love our tutorials? Click here to take your java skills to the next level.”

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