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Have Heart – My Experience with the 10 Rules of Brand Building (Part 6)


Previously, I talked about Branding Rule #5: Be the Best at Being You: When you’re making your product and using your voice and somewhere along the way you lose your path.

You forget who you were when you started and you’ve just become somebody who tries to be like everybody else.

Niche down and stay there. Have something to say. Nobody is better at being you than YOU.

Today we’re going to tackle Rule number 6 of building a brand: Have Heart.

Having heart requires passion.

Today you’ll learn how to get rich from your passion.

How to Get Rich from Your Passion

But here’s the thing. “Rich” is totally arbitrary. Am I rich if I make six figures? What about a million dollars?

Rich doesn’t necessarily mean money, either.

Because you will get rich off your passion.

Here’s the deal: You THINK you’re passionate about building a business. About growing something. Creating something new.

But your real passion, your TRUE passion in life, is where you spend. Your. Time.

If you spend all of your time sniping newbs on Modern Warfare, then that’s your passion.

If you spend all of your time watching old episodes of Firefly (which I may or may not have this past weekend), then that’s your passion.

Your passion is where your time is spent.

And you’ll find riches there. It may not be money, though. It may be hanging out with your friends. Drinking beers with your buddies and watching 4 hours of football on Sunday. That may be happiness to you.

And that’s okay! Not everybody is cut out for being a sidepreneur or an entrepreneur.

But, I’m guessing, since you’re listening to me, right here and now, that your passion lies in your business and your family. Like mine does.

If your time is spent in service of others, if your time is spent taking care of your family, if your time is spend getting up at 3am every day like I do so I can build an awesome business, serve my family, and serve others, then I’ll get rich off that, and so can you.

Here’s where my passion is:

Telling stories and making things.

Helping other parents, especially dads like me, build side businesses to get more leverage in their life

And here’s what I mean, you WILL be rich. You’ll be rich in reaping what you sow.

So the way this connects with building a brand is that you need to be sure your passions align with what you’re trying to build. And that means your passion, as it manifests itself in your activities, needs to line up with what you’re building.

If your actions don’t align with your passion, you need to start questioning what you’re really passionate about.

You’re often told to build a business off your passions. But what are your passions really? And can they change over time?

An Action Step

Doing an audit of how you spend your time to discover what your real passions are, what really makes you happy, can be important and I suggest you do it.

Because if you’re heart is not into this 120%, then it’s not going to work. At least not long enough for you to see the fruits of your labor.

The next rule in our series, Rule 7 of Brand Building, doesn’t play nice. We’re here to make ends, not friends. And it’s a hard lesson and while I talk fast and have a ton of energy, there’s a good chance you’re going to see me go a bit darker than I have before.

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